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Left: The ‘rosary model’ of HoxD cluster organization along the anterior – posterior body axis. The HoxD cluster is organized in discrete inactive (red) and active (blue) 3D domains. Progressive activation of genes along the body axis is paralleled by a transition from one domain to the other.

Right: Quantitative interactions of the Hoxd9 gene (arrowhead) in the various embryonic tissues shown on the left, as determined by 4C-seq (circular chromosome conformation capture sequencing). Ratios of interactions between the tissues are indicated in between. Activity status of genes is depicted below each pattern (blue: active; red: inactive). Schematic organization of the HoxD cluster is depicted below.

“Hoxd13 expression at E12.5″_TM


Visualisation de l’expression d’un gène par fluorescence__MVR


“Mosaic expression of lacZ”_NL